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Summer water polo- Monday nights commencing October 12, 2020 

Juniors at 6pm
Seniors at 7.15pm









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Welcome to our information page for our Juniors


-Junior Water Polo starts 14th October2019 at Coffs Harbour outdoor 50m Memorial (6-7pm)

 -Skills and Grading matches will commence from week 1, and run for 5 weeks

-Juniors will then be allocated a team, and Water Polo team competion will officially start 18 November2019.

-All members need to be registered by 4th October 2019 (Active Vouchers can be used)


Any children who can swim 25 metres are welcome to come and try and who can adequately tread water. We are working on basic ball skills, egg beater kick, protecting and defending the ball and match play. Sessions will be run by David Eiler, Peter Goddard and Jamie Marschke.

So please, we need you all to help spread the word and bring some friends along to try an exciting new sport especially if they love the water. 

For those that are interested, we are hopeful to prepare a junior team for attending some of the Junior Waterpolo tournaments in NSW this season.  So you can plan ahead, these tournaments are :

- local interclub matches Alstonville Junior Waterpolo Club, Alstonville, October 14 and 15th 2016 

    -National Primary Games April 2017


 All the trips away are optional but they are amazing learning opportunities which provide heaps of match time, extra coaching as well as a chance to meet players from other clubs. 



2016 National Primary Games in Tamworth was an exciting tournament for the Coffs Harbour Junior waterpolo team. They received the only award of the tournament which was the Spirit of the Sport Award for sportsmanship. Winners were voted in by the teams within their chosen sport. Coffs Harbour were voted the winner unanimously.

Coffs Harbour junior team members were Ayla, Alex S, Connor, Luka, Alex M, Trey, Carlo, Holly and Jonah. Coffs Harbour’s opponents were Hunter Hurricanes, Tamworth Blue, Tamworth Red and Woy Woy Wombats.

Coffs Juniors played 4 matches on the first day with the team taking a little bit of time to find their feet and a 1 hour long coaching clinic used up any excess energy.

After a good nights’ rest, the Coffs team regathered, team talked and came out blazing. The scores don’t quite reflect the difference on Day 2 but the improvement noticed by the loyal supporters and the rest of the crowd was tangible. Everyone in the centre was watching and cheering the Coffs team on excited about the intense energy with which the whole team played. The number of times that Coffs stole the ball or saved a goal was unbelievable. Ball hungry and playing as a team in defence and attack, the coach could not have asked for more on Day 2. Day 2 was also the scene of possibly the most effective submarine by a junior ever, Alex M managed to steal the ball with this method in his only quarter on the field transferring his feisty and no holds barred successful goal keeping style to field play.

Goal scorers were Ayla, Trey, Holly, Luka and Alex S. Goal savers and ball steals by Alex M, Alex S, Jonah, Trey, Luka and Holly.

Thanks to all the parents for giving up the weekend and bringing their children to Tamworth for a waterpolo event. We hope to continue building the waterpolo skills the kids gained into their next home games and hopefully more tournaments in the future. Thanks also to Dave and Michelle for their assistance with coaching and managing